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God calls the Christian to be submissive to those in authority over us even when they are “unreasonable,” even when we “suffering unjustly,” even when we “suffer for doing what is right. John Piper is correct, “this is not a rule to be kept but a miracle to be experienced.”

  1. This Sunday – We will gather for worship at 17:30.
  1. Young Adult Bible Study Location Change– Please note that Bible study this week will be at Krysta’s place instead of Angie’s. Here are Krysta’s directions — My house is at Piazza Udine 8, just take the metro to Udine on the green line. Take the exit (via feltre) to the left; get on the escalator and voila, my door. Call me on 24 b, get in turn right and the first door on the right, another 24 B. get on to the 5th floor and the door on the left.
  1. Bible Studies – Women’s, Men’s and Young Adult Bible studies have all resumed. If you have any questions about any of our studies, please let me know.
  1. Cleaning the Church– If you would like to serve the Lord by assisting in cleaning the church, please contact Karen karenjalbright@aol.com or 349-162-5972.

Live the miracle…Love God more than lashing out with your words; love God more than holding onto a grudge; love God more than taking retribution, “for this finds favor with God.”

Every blessing,

Jim & Karen

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