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Biblically literate Christians know a false gospel when they hear it. We know the health, wealth and prosperity gospel is a counterfeit. We know we’re called to follow Christ and we know what that means. When the persecution and suffering comes, and we know it will come, Christ is our example. We will not return evil for evil but return good. We will keep “entrusting” ourselves to a sovereign God who is mysteriously, miraculously and relentlessly working good in the midst of our trial. Awesome God!

  1. This Sunday – We will gather for worship at 17:30.
  1. Young Adult Bible Study Location Change– Please note that Bible study this week will be at Angie’s new place
  1. Bible Studies – Women’s, Men’s and Young Adult Bible studies are ongoing. If you have questions about any of our studies, please let me know.
  1. Cleaning the Church– If you would like to serve the Lord by assisting in cleaning the church, please contact Karen karenjalbright@aol.com or 349-162-5972.

If it’s hard this week, follow Christ’s example, keep “entrusting” yourself to our almighty, sovereign, trustworthy, faithful Father.

Much love,

Jim & Karen

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