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Sadly, as one theologian writes, “Many professing Christians who finally get around to reading their Bibles discover they don’t like the God of the Bible at all.” Why do many reject the Biblical Jesus and prefer a caricature of Him instead? They hate His uncompromising holiness, righteousness, hatred of sin, fierce wrath, and His words regarding eternal punishment.


  1. This Sunday – We will gather for worship at 17:30.
  1. Young Adult Bible StudyWill meet Wednesday evening at 20:00 at Shine’s. Details forwarded in an earlier email.
  1. Women’s Bible StudyIf you’re interested in joining the women’s Bible Study group, please send your email address and telephone number to Karen at Communication with the group is by WhatsApp.
  1. Collection of Burma Mission Offering During October – In addition to our normal offerings we will receive our annual Burma mission’s offering this month. Every cent designated for Burma goes to the work there. If you give through the offering basket at church, there will be a separate basket designated for Burma. If you wire into ICM's Italian bank account, please simply designate the wire for Burma and/or drop me an email as to how much to designate toward Burma. If you give through our US non-profit, please mark your offerings to ICM and drop me an email to let me know how much to designate toward Burma. 
  1. Claudia’s Sale – Claudia is leaving at the end of October and has household items for sale. If interested in seeing her list of items, email her at

Jesus Christ will not be caricatured, He is, as the Psalmist says, “the God of vengeance and Judge of the earth Who renders recompense to the proud.” (Psalm 94:1-2).


We love you,


Jim & Karen


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