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Ciao Family,


The Lord just keeps pushing me to teach joy. He says, “Rejoice always!” So, do you? I assume you noticed; this is not a suggestion. It’s not advice. It’s a straightforward command. So…do you? If not, why not? God expects obedience here. Why? Countless reasons, but principally because He is who He is…He says what He says…He’s done what He’s done…And He’s promised what He’s promised! God is our invincible delight!


I originally preached this 1 Peter 1 sermon entitled Joy Inexpressible in October 2012. I’ve reposted it on the podcast site. It is the first sermon listed –


Selah reminds us why our joy in God is indefinable and inexhaustible – “He is the One that we praise, He is the One we adore” – Here’s the link


In light of the many restrictions and requirements for conducting a worship service, we are presently considering waiting until the first Sunday of June. Please let us know your thoughts.


Please call us if you need us. We are praying for you.


We love you,


Jim & Karen


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