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Ciao Family,


Meditate on these God-spoken truths. I mean, really think about it. Genuinely consider the implications of these realities for you, right now – today!


The Mountain-Maker is with us, He is in us, and He is for us! If you’re not genuinely stunned by these biblical assertions, you’re not really thinking about it.


Scott Hubbard of Desiring God ministries reminds us, “God’s sovereignty as Creator extends not only over the creation around us…but also over us. Our souls, which often feel so fragile, are in the arms of Omnipotence.” Find his short article here -


Yeah, you’ve heard Chris Tomlin sing it…The Mountain-Maker does all things well! Amen! Here’s the link -


In light of the many restrictions and requirements for conducting a worship service, we will wait until at least June 7 to schedule our first worship service. Considering that the directives for meeting in a building are so very restrictive, and, that most of you live in Milan, we are thinking it might be easier to meet in a park downtown. Please contact us if you know of a possible location. More on this later.  


Also, regarding moving our worship services to the Anglican Church in the Moscova area, the priest there has informed me that they may not allow others to use their building until September. I’ll keep you informed on this.


Please call us if you need us. We are praying for you.


We love you,


Jim & Karen




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