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Ciao Family,


God not only loves His people…He likes them! Jesus calls us friends – a pretty elite group. Only Abraham and Moses were afforded that privilege in the Old Testament. And God reveals Himself to His friends, “that His joy may be in us!”


I originally preached this John 15 sermon in February 2019. I’ve reposted it on the podcast site. It is entitled, Tasting Divine Joy, and is the first sermon listed –


Phillips, Craig, and Dean sing it! Here’s the link


We are looking at the possibility of gathering next Sunday. Considering the many restrictions for conducting a worship service inside, and, that most of you live in Milan, we are thinking it might be easier to meet in a park downtown. Please contact us if you know of a possible location and if you would be able to attend such an event.


Or…We could meet at the church. How many of you would be interested in coming to the church for a service? Your feedback on either option (meeting in a downtown park or meeting in the church) will be immensely helpful as we seek to make plans


Please call us if you need us. We are praying for you.


We love you,


Jim & Karen



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