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This Sunday, October 4th – Meeting at (new time) 16:30 in our building in Rozzano


Ciao Family,


My favorite title of a book in the Bible is…Acts. It’s Christianity! Those guys didn’t merely coast through life with a get-out-of-hell-pass in their pocket. They didn’t seek to use Jesus Christ for their own health, wealth, and prosperity. They did the Word! They acted upon the last command of the Son of God – “you shall be My witnesses!”


  1. This Sunday, October 4th – The Anglican church postponed our meeting this week, so we will gather for worship at our building in Rozzano. Covid protocols remain in place. Please note our early worship time – 16:30


  1. Children’s Class – Karen has resumed teaching the children’s class, but we are still unable to provide a nursery due to the protocols. Please let us know if you plan for your child to attend the children’s class this Sunday.


  1. Moving Downtown –  Presently, we are planning to move our worship services downtown in early October. The timing will be dictated by the Anglican Church as we seek to satisfy all of their requirements.


  1. Women’s Bible Study Resumes This Week – Contact Karen if you have questions.


Christianity is profoundly simple. God has left His people on the planet for one supreme  purpose – to tell!


Every blessing,


Jim & Karen


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