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This Sunday, October 18th – Meeting at 14:15, at the Anglican Church building. The address is -- Via Solferino, 17, 20121 Milano MI


Ciao Family,


I can just see David, as a young shepherd, reclining on a clear night, looking into the seemingly infinite starry heavens and thinking, ‘When I consider…the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have ordained....’ who am I that you would ever ‘take thought of me?’’ David is in awe that the majestic, galaxy-breathing God has taken note of him.


  1. This Sunday, October 18th – We will meet at the Anglican Church building at 14:15. Covid protocols remain in place.


  1. Children’s Class – Karen has resumed teaching the children’s class, but we are still unable to provide a nursery due to the protocols. Please let us know if you plan for your child to attend the children’s class this Sunday.


  1. Moving Downtown –  The move downtown is an experiment. Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback, pro or con.


  1. Young Adult Bible Study – Meeting Wednesday evening at 20:00 at City Life Mall. We will meet in the food court in front of Roadhouse. We’ll complete discussions on the Prologue, Introduction, and Chapter 1…Possibly getting into Chapter 2 of the book Dangerous God. Please confirm if you plan to attend.


  1. Women’s Bible Study Has Resumed – Contact Karen if you have questions.


  1. Annual Burma Missions Offering – We will collect our annual Burma Mission offering this month. If you have any questions, please let me know.


  1. Whatsapp Group – We’ve created a whatsapp group to send out music lyrics each week for our worship services. In case we continue to have problems getting our lyrics projected, we will each have them available on our devices. Here’s the link -- 


It’s bigger isn’t it? Our breathtaking Creator-God has not only taken notice of us, He has died for us! How can we not be, as the old song says, ‘lost in wonder, worship and praise!”


Every blessing,


Jim & Karen



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