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Ciao Family,

In Psalm 40, David is in a pit. He says, “I waited patiently upon the Lord.” The implication being…much time has passed; there would be no quick fix. It wasn’t merely about the waiting; it was mostly about the expecting. The literal Hebrew reads, “I have diligently expected Jehovah.” David is in a pit, but He knows his God is doing a beautiful, holy, and necessary work in his soul.

  1. This Sunday, November 8th – We will meet at the Anglican Church building at 14:15. Covid protocols remain in place.
    1. Please be aware that it is normally a bit cool in the church building.
    2. We only have 4 small parking spaces so please let me know if you plan to drive and I will reserve a space for you.
  2. Children’s Class – Karen has resumed teaching the children’s class, but we are still unable to provide a nursery due to the protocols.
  3. Moving Downtown –  The move downtown is an experiment. Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback, pro or con.


  1. Young Adult Bible Study –  We are proposing a Zoom gathering on Saturday afternoons at 14:00. Please give us your feedback.
  2. Women’s Bible Study Has Resumed – Contact Karen if you have questions.


  1. Whatsapp Group – We’ve created a Whatsapp group to send out music lyrics each week for our worship services. Here’s the link -- 

In the pit, God teaches His people “a new song…a song of praise to God!” Yes, of course, as He meets us in, and brings us through, the trial; we simply must sing His praise!

Much love,

Jim & Karen


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