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Ciao Family,


We will not gather for worship tomorrow, Sunday, November 8.


This is in light of the new restrictions and the fact that the Anglican Church has not yet confirmed that they would even allow us to meet. We will get the Anglican Church question resolved in the coming days. Should the Anglican Church allow us to use their building during this time, for those of you who live in Milan – please let us know if you would plan to attend. This will be helpful in trying to make an informed decision going forward.  


Should these restrictions drag on for an indefinite period of time, we will look into the possibility of doing some kind of online sermon. Please give us your feedback if this something you would be interested in seeing us do.


For tomorrow, we will continue our series in the Psalms via ICM’s podcast site. This afternoon, I will post a sermon on Psalm 53 entitled “Bad Theology Hurts People” to the site -- It will be the first sermon listed. I trust you will set aside some time Sunday to be still and set under the preached word of God.


While most of the Psalms are about an awesome God, Psalm 53 is mostly about fallen man – David says, “There is no one who does good, not even one.” If we don’t have a biblically accurate view of ourselves, we will never begin to grasp all that the Bible reveals about our Creator and Savior!


We love you,


Jim & Karen







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