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Ciao Family,

‘The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.’ In Psalm 53:1, David is talking about two kinds of atheism, the overt atheist who, by his words, shows himself to be a fool, and the covert atheist, who has God on his lips, but not in his heart. It’s what theologian R. C. Sproul is talking about when he says the nominal Christian is a ‘practical atheist.’

  1. This Sunday, November 15th We will not gather at the Anglican Church for worship – Based upon the feedback we received from you last week about attending a worship service at the Anglican Church during this new lockdown phase, it appears that almost all would be unable to attend.


  1. This Sunday, November 15thIf we scheduled an online gathering at 14:00, how many of you would be interested in participating? – Please respond as soon as possible. We will confirm back to you on this by Saturday.

  1. Young Adult Bible Study Zoom Session this Saturday (14th) at Noon –  We had a good response to our proposed Zoom session for this Saturday at noon. We will be discussing chapter 3 of the book Dangerous God. The book is available on Amazon. You are welcome to join the discussion if you do not yet have a book.

  1. Women’s Bible Study will meet online this week – Contact Karen if you have questions.

  1. Prayer Requests – Please let us know if you have any prayer request you wish to share with the church.


To paraphrase renowned preacher Charles Spurgeon, the atheist denies God, while the nominal Christian forgets God. Both live their daily lives utterly indifferent to their Creator-God. Yeah, sadly, ‘fool’ is the right word.

With joy,

Jim & Karen


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