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Ciao Family,


We are scheduling an online gathering for this Sunday, November 22, at 14:00. Here are the details on how to join:


Please note the following is a new link, meeting ID, and passcode.


Join ICM Zoom Meeting

Worship & Fellowship Nov 22, 2020 at 02:00 PM Rome


Meeting ID: 841 5994 5792

Passcode: 653949


We will share prayer requests, pray, sing a couple of songs, and have a short discussion of Psalm 63 with an opportunity to ask questions. I have posted Psalm 63 on the podcast site – it is the first sermon listed. Please take an opportunity to listen to it before Sunday and consider the following questions:


1.    As David writes Psalm 63, he is in the middle of a humiliating, gut-wrenching, and life-threatening trial. What is David doing in this Psalm? What lesson do you draw from this?

2.    Is Psalm 63:1 a reality in your life? See also, Psalm 42:1, and Psalm 73:25. Do you earnestly desire God? How is this a concrete reality in your daily life?

3.    See Psalm 81:15. How does God feel about pretenders? From Revelation 2:4-5, what is God’s call to all who have left their first love?

4.    Because Psalm 63:1 is true of David, Psalm 63:2 is true of David. What is the takeaway here?

a.    What does God say to His people in Hebrew 10:25 and 1 Timothy 4:13?

5.    Do you personally and deeply grasp and understand Psalm 63:3? How does that manifest in your life?

6.    See Psalm 63:4. What does it mean for us to bless God?

7.    See Psalm 63:5. Even in deep trial, David is utterly satisfied with God and is praising Him. How would you explain that to an unbelieving friend?

8.    See Psalm 63:6. David remembers God on his bed. Who remembers David in his sleep (Psalm 127:2)?

9.    Read Psalm 62:5-8. Any thoughts?

10. What biblical truths are reiterated in Psalm 63:9-11?



Hope to see you Sunday!




Jim & Karen


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