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Ciao Family,


“Christian Hedonism” is not logical dissonance, an oxymoron, liberal heresy, or funky prosperity theology – it’s the core of biblical Christianity. Born-again Christians are the consummate hedonists. We are wholly devoted to the relentless pursuit of the highest pleasure available to mankind – an intimate relationship with the most beautiful, wonderful, desirable, delightful, engaging, fascinating, interesting, trustworthy, and compelling Person in the cosmos…Jesus Christ.


  1. This Sunday, December 6th We will gather at the Anglican Church for worship at 14:15 – We have been informed by a reliable source that the Minister of Interior has stated that it is permissible to cross commune boundaries to attend church. If you must cross a commune boundary, please carry an autodichiarazione stating you are a member of the International Church of Milan, the address where we meet, and the time of the service. If you desire to have a letter from me stating you are member of the church to accompany the declaration, let me know. We have been told that if you cross a commune boundary, it is still possible that you could be cited by “uninformed” local authorities. This would be contrary to the Minister’s pronouncement and you would have grounds to challenge such a citation. Let me know if you have any questions and we will do our best to get you an answer.
  2. Children’s Class – Karen has resumed teaching the children’s class, but we are still unable to provide a nursery due to the Covid-protocols. Please let us know if you plan for your child to attend the children’s class this Sunday.


  1. Young Adult Bible Study (and others who would like to join) Zoom Session this Saturday (Dec 5th) at Noon –  We will be discussing chapter 6 of the book Dangerous God. The book is available on Amazon. 


  1. Women’s Bible Study – Is not meeting this week.


  1. Send Your Selfies! – For those of you who have attended ICM in 2020, either physically or virtually, please take a selfie (including family) and forward it to me at my email address ( for the 2020 ICM Movie. Thanks!


  1. Whatsapp Group – We’ve created a WhatsApp group to send out music lyrics each week for our worship services. Here’s the link -- 


Our born-again souls cannot settle – we will not settle! Jesus Christ is our paramount joy and supreme pleasure!


Much love,


Jim & Karen


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