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Ciao Family,


We are scheduling an online gathering for this Sunday, December 20th at 15:00. Here are the details on how to join:


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Worship & Fellowship Dec 20, 2020 at 03:00 PM Rome


Meeting ID: 841 5994 5792

Passcode: 653949


We will share prayer requests, pray, worship in song, and have a short discussion on the Christmas story (Luke 1:26-38, Luke 2:1-14, Matthew 1:18-25) with an opportunity to ask questions. I have posted a Christmas sermon on the podcast site – it is the first sermon listed, entitled A Very Dangerous Holiday. Please take an opportunity to listen to it before Sunday and consider the following questions:


1.    What was your principal take away from the sermon?

a.    Any other thoughts about the Christmas story from the message?

2.    How would you explain to a nominal Christian or unbeliever why your preacher might entitle his Christmas sermon A Very Dangerous Holiday?

3.    Put yourself in their shoes…Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the magi. How do you think the Christmas story impacted each of their lives?

a.    Can you think of anything that each of them might have in common as they responded to God’s revelation regarding the Incarnation?

4.    John Bunyan has Christian, his central character in Pilgrims Progress, running toward the “narrow gate.” What do you learn from Matthew 6:13-27 where Jesus uses this phrase?

a.    What other Bible verses come to mind in considering the “narrow gate?”

b.    Why do you think I am raising this issue in our Christmas study?

5.    What is our spiritual condition according to Ephesians 2:1-7? Why is this an urgent question to consider as we contemplate the Christmas story?

6.    How do we see the spiritual reality of Ephesians 2:4-5 played out in the Christmas story?

7.    The Bible teaches that God has personally come for His people and delivered us from the Ephesian 2:1-7 realities. Moreover, He says things like this to us – Luke 12:32, Romans 8:32, Jeremiah 32:40-41, and Romans 8:16-17. Please think deeply about these truths…What are your thoughts?

8.    In the Christmas story…What do you learn from Mary…From Joseph…From the shepherds…And from the magi?

9.    (Challenge Question) What are the two incarnations of Christmas?

10. How did the men and women we read about in the rest of the New Testament flesh out the Christmas story? Please share one example from the scriptures.


Hope to see you Sunday!



Jim & Karen

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