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Ciao Family,


We’re finally back in Milano! Sorry for our unavoidable and extended absences the last few months. We have dearly missed those of you who have not joined the weekly Zoom sessions.


We need your feedback on how best to proceed as a church. Our options are…

(1)   Continue to meet at the Anglican Church at 14:15 on Sunday (with current Anglican Church Covid restrictions, we are unable to have a children’s class).

(2)   Return to the “Redeemed Garage” in Rozzano, meeting at 17:30 on Sunday.

(3)   Continue with Zoom sessions on Sunday until Covid restrictions are relaxed.


For those who have been joining Zoom, we will continue with these sessions even after we start to physically gather again as a church. It is likely however that the Zoom gatherings will be scheduled at some different time on Sunday, or some other day of the week. Your feedback will help us make the best decision on how best to continue with Zoom which has proven to be an extraordinarily rich format.


Once we get your comments, we will decide what is the best course forward for ICM.


In light of current Covid restrictions, as well as our need to gather information and consider options, it seems best to have only a Zoom meeting this Sunday, April 11. We will not physically gather for worship this Sunday, April 11. Please find the details and discussion questions for this Sunday’s Zoom below.


We look forward to hearing from you!


With joy,


Jim & Karen



Zoom Details & Discussion Questions


We are scheduling an online gathering for this Sunday, April 11th at 15:00. Here are the details on how to join:


Join ICM Zoom Meeting                                                                                   

Worship & Fellowship April 11, 2021 at 03:00 PM Rome


Meeting ID: 841 5994 5792

Passcode: 653949


We will share prayer requests, pray, worship in song, and have a short discussion on 2 Chronicles chapters 14 through 20 built around the following questions:


  1. From 2 Chronicles 14:1-8, what did Asa do to lead Judah to God?
  2. From 2 Chronicles 14: 8-15, how did the odds look for Asa against the Ethiopians? In verse 10, what did Asa do which revealed his trust and confidence in the Lord? What do you learn from this?
  3. Look closely at Asa’s prayer in verse 11, what do you learn from it? What did God do? (Personal) How are you bringing your battles to the Lord in praising, trusting, believing prayer? How has God answered?
  4. From 2 Chronicles 15:1-7, what do you learn from Azariah’s words to Asa? From 2 Chronicles 15:8-19, what did Asa do? What did the people “see” in Asa and what was the result among the people? How can you apply this in your life?
  5. From 2 Chronicles 16:1-14, what mistake does Asa make? After what God did with the Ethiopians, how do we explain Asa’s behavior? What do you learn from this?
  6. In 2 Chronicles 16:9, what awesome truth do we learn about God in regard to how He relates to those who love Him? (Personal) Do you really believe this is true about God? How are you living like you really believe this is true about God? Am I wrong, or does it seem like a no-brainer to live like this?
  7. From 2 Chronicles 17:1-10, what do you learn from Jehoshaphat’s life? What does God do in response?
  8. From 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, what does Jehoshaphat do with his fear? What do you learn from His prayer? What did God tell Jehoshaphat to do? What do you learn about God in this? What is the end result of this seemingly disastrous trial?
  9. From 2 Chronicles 20:20, what are the words that men of faith believe and live?






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