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Ciao Family,


My (Jim’s) sister passed away Saturday afternoon. Depending on when the funeral is scheduled and assuming I can navigate the international-Covid-travel-gauntlet once again, it is my plan to fly home for the funeral in the coming weeks. This will delay our plans to start physically gathering together until at least Sunday, May 9th. We hope to know a lot more about when and where we will begin to physically meet again sometime next week. This Sunday, please join us on Zoom!


Zoom Details & Discussion Questions

We are scheduling an online gathering for this Sunday, April 25th at 15:00. Here are the details on how to join:


Join ICM Zoom Meeting                                                                                   

Worship & Fellowship April 25, 2021 at 03:00 PM Rome


Meeting ID: 841 5994 5792

Passcode: 653949


We will share prayer requests, pray, worship in song, and have a short discussion centered on the book of Job built around the following questions:


  1. From Job 1:6-12, who initiates the conversation between God and Satan regarding Job? What is Satan’s allegation? What is God’s response? What do you learn about Satan and about God?
  2. From Job 1:13-22, what happens? Put yourself in Job’s sandals, how would you have responded? How did Job respond and what did He say? What do you learn about real faith here? Do you think you have this kind of faith?
  3. From Job 2:1-13, what does God allow Satan to do? What was the advice of Job’s wife? What was Job’s response? What does Job teach us about God’s sovereignty? What does he teach us about real faith?
  4. What do you learn from Lamentations 3:31-39? How is this real in your life?
  5. What do you learn from Psalm 119:67, 71-76, 92, 107, 143, 153? (Personal) Do you believe it? Do you practice it?
  6. While Job never renounces his faith in God, he comes perilously close to impugning God’s character and wisdom, see Job 10:1-2, 13:3, 23:3-4, 31:35. So, what do you think, is Job justified in his compliant? Does God owe Job an explanation? Does He owe you an explanation?
  7. From Job chapters 38, 39 and 40:1-2, how does God answer Job? What are your thoughts as you read these passages? What does God clearly not address? What is God’s challenge to Job?
  8. From Job 40:3-5, what is Job’s response to God? What do you learn here?
  9. In Job 40: 6 – 41:1-34, God continues Job’s lesson. What does God tell Job in Job 41:10-11? What invaluable life lessons do you draw from this?
  10. From Job 42:1-6, what has Job learned? So…did Job lose, or gain, in all of this? What is the preeminent lesson you take away from this account?


With joy,


Jim & Karen



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