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Ciao Family,


The prostitute in Luke 7 knew who she was. No man would ever really love her. No man would ever really want her. She would never have a groom. But wait – there was one Man who did love her, who had come for her, who would die for her, who would be her Groom. Jesus Christ turns spiritual harlots into His chaste, virgin Bride!


  1. This Sunday – We will not gather for worship at 17:30 at the church in Rozzano and there will be no Zoom available. We are having a joint service with our sister Italian church in a local park. Please see details below.


  1. This SundayWorship in the Park Details


    1. Address –,9.151237
    2. Where to park –,9.151643
    3. Time – 10:00
    4. Bring chairs or a blanket to sit on.
    5. Bring mosquito spray.


Hope to see you there!


With joy,


Jim & Karen


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