Ciao Family,
How do we know we’re walking in the Ephesian 2:10 “good works which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them?” The answer will always lie in the answers to the following.
Are you consciously abiding in Christ? Are you intentionally abiding in His Word?
Are you deliberately abiding in His love? 
  1. This Sunday – We will gather for worship at 17:30. 
  1. Women’s Bible study is planning to meet this Thursday morning. Contact Karen for details -- 
  1. Young Adult Bible Study will meet at Abi’s Wednesday evening. Details sent in an earlier email. 
  2. 2018 ICM Movie  Has been posted to the church web-site. Click the button below.
It’s true, when we're abiding in Jesus Christ, we will be walking in those Ephesian 2:10 works, and yes, of course, we’ll unavoidably “feel the pleasure of God” in our lives!
Much love,
Jim & Karen
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