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Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Jesus Christ didn’t come to fix the world – He came to redeem His bride. Yes, it is finished! Yes, He is risen! Yes, He is reigning! Yes, He is returning! Yes, He is an awesome God!


On this day, I simply must look at the crucifixion before I begin to rejoice in the resurrection. I have to remember and recount the most unbelievably awful and most unbelievably wonderful day in history – the day God was nailed to a tree to save His people. It’s my one Resurrection Sunday sermon. I’ve reposted it on the podcast site. It’s the first one listed --

Also, I wanted to share this John Piper sermon about our imperishable hope through our Lord’s resurrection. He describes the kind of knowing that changes everything!


Lastly, a song that has brought tears of joy to us both this week.
“For my life He bled and died, Christ will hold me fast.
Justice has been satisfied; He will hold me fast.”


Please call us if you need us. We are praying for you.


We love you,


Jim & Karen




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