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Ciao Family,


Why the coronavirus? Does the Bible speak to this question? In the face of worldwide pandemic and mounting deaths, do Bible-believing Christians have anything pertinent to say? Yes, we’re the only ones on the planet with anything truly meaningful to say.


If you’ve read John Piper’s book entitled Coronavirus and Christ that I recommended to you earlier this week, you understand. During a crisis such this, the biblically literal person will always end up in Romans 8:19-22 and Luke 13:1-5.


It’s where I ended up in my sermon entitled God in Calamity, originally preached February 2017.


Also, another beautiful song that elicited more tears of worship from us this week. The song is entitled, Is He Worthy?




Here’s the link -


Please call us if you need us. We are praying for you.


Much love and every blessing,


Jim & Karen


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