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ICM protocols – Covid-19

Here are some guidelines for attending worship services at ICM:

  • There is an entry ban for those with flu or respiratory symptoms, temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 ° C or who have been in contact with SARSCoV-2 positive people in the previous days.
  • A greeter must admit each masked person and take their temperature, not to exceed 37.5.
  • Please do not physically greet, hug, kiss, shake hands. 
  • Must wear a mask and social distance (1 meter) at all times. Masks must be worn during singing.
  • Everyone must sign in on a roster list that is kept for 2-3 weeks for tracking purposes in case of an outbreak.
  • Please do not move chairs in the sanctuary as they are positioned according to protocol. Families may move chairs to sit together. 
  • Bring your own Bible or use your phones — Bibles/books in shelves are not to be used/touched.
  • The kitchen and all classrooms will be closed. Please bring your own bottle of water. No eating. No picking up/playing with toys. 
  • Spray with disinfectant and wipe clean your chair before you sit down. All surfaces you touch must be disinfected.
  • For the lead singer on stage – Please do not touch or use any of the microphones on the stage. 
  • It is recommended not to use the church restroom. If you must, please be advised that only 1 bathroom (the smaller one) is open. Please use paper towels/gloves/disinfectant to clean before and after each use – Toilet lid must be closed before flushing.

As a reminder to parents — We will be unable to provide a nursery. Our sister Italian church has recommended that no children under the age of three come to church at this time and we think this is wise. Children older than three would need to be held and/or closely monitor by their parent at all times and be able to sit quietly during the worship service. Classes for older children will begin in the near future. We are sorry for these requirements, but this is where we are at the moment in trying to adhere to all protocols.

Please let me know if you have any question.

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